Animal Control

Animal Control

The Hazel Park Animal Control Department is no longer staffed by a Full-Time Animal Control Officer but is now maintained by Part-Time and Volunteer staff.

You can contact the animal control officer by:

  • Calling the Hazel Park Police Department Dispatch Center at (248) 542-6161, Ext. "0"
  • E-mailing at

When residents call for the service of the animal control officer, we have noticed that there are common questions for which we can provide answers or direction. Please take a moment and review the frequently asked questions before calling.

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A person has seen a opossum, what should they do?,

Leave it alone. It will not bother you. It is a scavenger. If there is no food source it will not stay around. It will attempt to get into garbage cans when it smells food in them. Keeping the garbage cans closed with lids, elevating them 18 inches above the ground and keeping them away from fences will help keep the animal out of your garbage. They don't carry rabies. parvo or distemper.

Will animal control trap nuisance animals?,

Animal control will assist in the trapping of cats only. All wildlife must be trapped by private contractors at the property owner's expense.

How do I obtain a trap?,

At this time Hazel Park Animal Control is not able to offer traps for residential use but expect this service to be re-instated at a later date.

If a resident chooses, traps are available for purchase at various out-of-doors equipment and outfitter type stores or stores that sell yard and garden supplies as well as on the internet. Please check around to various stores before making that trip if you decide to purchase your own. Click here for an example of traps sold at stores like Cabela's or some online options.

Who do I call for an animal complaint?,

If you live in the City of Hazel Park, call the Hazel Park Police Dispatch at 248-542-6161, Ext. "0". When you speak to the police dispatcher, please be prepared to provide details such as nature of the problem/complaint, your name, address and phone number as well as the address from where the complaint originates (if different than your address).

The animal control officer will return your call at his/her soonest opportunity. Your information is confidential and only used if questions arise about the complaint.

How do I report a lost or found animal?,

Call the Hazel Park animal control shelter at 248-546-4096. Leave your name and phone number first. State that you have lost or found the animal you are calling about. Then describe the animal that you are calling about by giving the breed the animal most looks like. Dogs and cats can be described as long and short haired if you don't know the breed. Then state the sex of the animal if known and any coloring.

The animal control officer will return your call at his/her soonest opportunity.

I have a general question pertaining to animals, who do I call?,

Please call animal control at 248-542-6161, Ext. "0". Leave your name and phone number first. Then state your question as simply and clearly as possible.

The animal control offficer will return your call at his/her soonest opportunity.

What are the fees for release of impounded animals?,

Impound fees are $25.00 the for the initial impound and $5.00 for each additional day the first time and $50.00 for the initial impound and $5.00 for each additional day for any and all subsequent releases. All bite case quarantines are $20.00 per day.

A ticket may be issued at anytime for any dog or cat wandering beyond the owner's property without reasonable control.