Hazel Park, Michigan Police Department


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Chief of PoliceIt is the goal of the men and women of the Hazel Park Police Department to provide our citizens, business owners, and visitors with exemplary service through professional integrity, unwavering honesty, and uncompromising sacrifice. Together we...read more

About Chief of Police Brian O. Buchholz



Volunteer Your Talents: Get Involved!

The Hazel Park Auxiliary Police Unit is a volunteer unit whose uniformed and armed members supplement Hazel Park Police officers at special events, emergencies and disasters.

The Mobile Communication Support Unit (M.C.S.U.) is an unarmed citizen volunteer unit that provides additional eyes and ears to the police department in support of safe city neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Watch is a group of involved citizens within various geographic areas in the City of Hazel Park who work cooperatively to maintain safe and tranquil neighborhoods.


Mission Statement

The Hazel Park Police Department is striving to be on the cutting edge of law enforcement and service to the community of Hazel Park and all that pass through or stop to visit.


 Spotlight On

​​​​​Gun Lock Giveaway Program

Unsecured firearms in the home present the potential tragedy.

Safe Delivery of Infants
Unwanted newborn infants may be safely given to the Hazel Park Police Department.​

 Roads & Weather

 Hazel Park, MI

  • ​​​​Located in the south end of Oakland County
  • 2.8 square miles in size
  • Home to just over 16,600 residents​
  • Policed by 31 full time officers​​​​
Map of Hazel Park​​​​